Wave Broadband March 16, 2021

Protecting Your WiFi

How to secure your wireless connection and choosing the right browser help improve your WiFi experience.

Be sure to password protect your WiFi. If you live in an apartment building. If you are in an apartment building or have neighbors close by, they might use your WiFi, which slows you down. Using a password prevents others from using your WiFi.

Your router may have been installed with a default username and password, which you may want to change to something unique to you.

When you first go online, you will see a list of WiFi networks, make sure you select your own WiFi network. Make sure it has a lock next to it.

Unwanted viruses and malware can slow you down! Do frequent computer health checks. Anti-virus software is an “army” against threats, viruses and bugs which can seriously slow internet.

Running many programs at once on your devices can slow down your WiFi speed. Often programs run all the time in the background which causes a “traffic jam” on your WiFi speed.

To speed yourself up, close any devices, browsers and add-ons or applications you are not using.

Internet Explorer used to be the dominate web browser; however, you may want to try Firefox, Chrome or Edge to experience faster surfing.