Wave Broadband March 16, 2021

Internet Security for Your Family

The internet has greatly influenced the way children interact and build connections with the world around them today. In order to insure each interaction is safe and fosters great internet habits there are a few things you can do to integrate internet security in your home.

There are a variety of social networks available plus more being created each day. It is a good measure to be aware of these new networks, functionality and privacy settings.

Have your child walk you through how they use each tool so you better understand information they’re publishing online.

Know the spectrum of available devices. Internet technology is not limited to your family computer, it can also be mobile.

Be sure to also monitor gaming devices, cell phones, and laptops for social networking apps or other methods of publishing content. Place the family computer in a high-traffic area.

It’s harder for your child to view unsafe content or to communicate with unknown people if the computer screen is in a common area, completely visible to everybody in the house.

Very often web pages will ask children for their personal information in order to provide personalized content to them. It’s best to establish with your younger children what types of information are appropriate to provide and not provide.

With teenagers, teach them how to be selective when publishing photos and other content online. Once content is published online you no longer have control over who sees it. While you may be able to remove an image from a photo album, the photo essentially never goes away.

Content Filtering


Know the types of Parental Control Tools available. With this type of filter you will be able to apply content filters such as the ability to block access to websites matching unwanted categories.


Access Scheduling

These types of applications will allow you to set a weekly schedule for Internet access, some control computer use in general, and some offer both as choices. A daily or weekly cap on Internet usage can also be handy.


Social Media Tracking

With this option you will be able to limit your view to just general post and interactions that contain certain words you may deem inappropriate. You also have the option to completely see everything their child does on social networking sites. With both options the child’s password is needed for access.


Great tools for monitoring include: